Ukelele workshops achieve results


A ukelele workshop in Cootamundra

A ukelele workshop in Cootamundra


Cootamundra recently had the pleasure of having Janet Seidel and the boys perform at our Arts Centre… a wonderful night was had by all who attended.

During the day preceding the show Chuck Morgan lead a Ukulele workshop with some of our local, budding, music enthusiast. It was a huge success, so I thought I would share some of the comments made by the students.


Tina Broad – foundation member of ‘Chooks on a Hot Tin Roof’

From ABC Radio National Life Matters programme, comes a charming interview with Tina Broad, an inspiring lady with a love of music and of life.

Tina Broad

Tina Broad is one member of the all female ukulele group Chooks on a Hot Tin Roof

Meet the listener: Tina Broad’s musical life

For listener Tina Broad, music is her life both in work and leisure. After doing ‘the Yoko Ono thing’ for years while her musician husband was on the road Tina has now stepped up to the microphone and is having a love affair with the ukulele.

She is part of the all female ukulele group Chooks on a Hot Tin Roof and heads up The Glorious MUD Singers, an eighty strong choir from the Milton Ulladulla region. Her day job is with the Music Council of Australia’s Play for Life Program.

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Chooks on a Hot Tin Roof

A ukulele-playing group of women from Milton-Ulladulla, NSW Australia, with a sense of humour and rhythm who enjoy just jammin’ with their ‘ukes’ and having a glass of bubbly or three.

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Cairns Ukulele Festival


The Cairns Ukulele Festival is an annual festival held in Cairns, North Queensland Australia. The festival runs for over a week and comprises a range of events, such asba charity uke art exhibition and concerts by ukulele royalty from around the globe. Venues are on the Great Barrier Reef, in tropical rainforest and have views over the Pacific Ocean. Core festival dates are 5-8 July 2012.

Ancient Ukulele


Pohaku Ukulele made from 30,000 year old kauri wood

Recently, my friend Peter Hurney, a ukulele maker in Berkeley, Califoria, showed me an amazing ukulele. He came up to me at a party and said, “Bu, you want to see a 30,000 year old uke?” Well, needless to say, my interested was peaked. Peter then showed me a ukulele he had just made. The back and sides were made out of Kauri wood, estimated to be between 30,000 and 50,000 years old (verified by carbon dating). From Peter’s website, here is what he says about Kauri wood…  Continue reading

Review: Eddy Finn concert ukulele ef-50 swamp ash

Here is a review of the Eddy Finn EF-50 by a member at the Ukulele Underground forum. Hi everyone, This is my first “real” ukulele so take the review with a grain of salt, but I have been playing the guitar and bass for about 13 years and know a little bit about what an acoustic instrument should sound like. consider this an instrument review more than a uke review.

  • Materials 7/10
  • Craftsmanship 9/10
  • Design 8/10
  • Sound 7/10
  • Overall 8.5/10

Read more at: Eddy Finn concert ukulele ef-50 swamp ash review

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